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2009-02-01 Pollution causing birth defects every 30 seconds in China

2008-12-10 Experts call for legal recognition of NGOs

2008-11-10  Obama & China 

2008-02-07 Written Chinese characters - unification issues

2007-05-12 China will start facing labor shortage (sic!) in 2110

2007-05-12 Most important article about China's troubled health system

2007-05-04 Goals for students.....Premier's visit to university

2007-03-13 Religion contributes to harmonious society in China

2007-03-12 Buddhim contributes to a harmonious society in China

2007-03-10 Protecting people of China from sense of emptiness

2007-03-06 People's Congress - so much important info        e.g.   Premier's report incorporates migrant workers'  suggestions

2007-02-27 A seminal article re socialism, fairness and social justice   - by Premier Wen

2007-02-16 In some cities in China - why  are more than 60% of all births     Caesarean?

2007-01-15 Most important article re higher education system

2007-01-08 Very  important article - c.f.  this report  - and  -  not forgetting this usually forgotten factor

2006-12-23  Christmas in China?

2006-12-14   Chopsticks vs Trees info

2006-11-30  Water shortage/quality is China's no. 1 problem:

“( Beijing ) is one of the driest cities in the world, where the water table sinks a meter every year. The heavens rarely open, and for every drop of rain that does fall, three times as much evaporates from the pale, barren earth. Was a city ever so ready to welcome (September’s) World Water Congress as Beijing ?  
Water is the No I problem facing China at the moment,” said Yu Kongjian, a landscape architect and environmental campaigner, on the sidelines of the summit. “If things keep going as they are, in about 20 years China will have to move its capital from Beijing because of the lack of clean water — it’s simply that serious.”  Academic Peter Droege, author of The Renewable City — a Comprehensive Guide to a New Urban Revolution, said; “The situation is dire and about to get much worse. Global warming will have an impact but Beijing ’s ... secret is an over-dependence on coal and nuclear power and antiquated ‘flush-and- forget’ water technology. It’s time for Beijing to adapt or die.”         --South China Morning Post, Sept. 23, 2006     -   and   -   see  this story of Nov 29   

2006-11-23  Secretary General of World Council of Churches visits China

2006-11-15 Religion should help boost social harmony

2006-11-15 Role of international aid agencies in China  - "why help a rich China?"

2006-11-10 Guangzhou one child parents urged to have two children

2006-11-06 Yellow River in decline

Nov 3: Africa summit in Beijing - must read!

Oct 24: Microcredit for China - a most important article

Oct 23: Archbishop of Canterbury concludes two week tour of China - note the spot-on observation that in China "co-operation comes before dialogue"

Oct 20: "English teachers wanted: who is teaching China's youth?" - must read for anyone thinking of working in China

2006-04-04 (BBC): China & Brazil  - USA unreasonableness/jealousy?

2005-08-25:    60 Billion Yuan's worth of food thrown away every year

2004-05-10 Democracy for China?? 

1989-06-04 Tiananmen Square - A Massacre?

1583: Matteo Ricci

1254:  Marco Polo, Kublai Khan  & Pope Gregory X