2005-01-29 Pilgrimage to Shangchuan Island, where St Francis Xavier died on December 3, 1522

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Second photo from left (above) is of one of Francis Xavier's arms:
one arm is in Macau, the other in Rome, and the rest of his body is in an elevated casket  in a church in Goa (India)

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These six photos are of paintings in the church at Shangchuan,  tracing Francis Xavier's life from his recruitment by Ignatius Loyola to his death on Shangchuan

The next day, January 30, visit to nearby Toishan City (twice the size of Zhaoqing), where CAS Francis (named after Francis Xavier) was very first visitor, at 8am sharp, to local McDonald's....and where the lovely church has Mass only a few times a year (...no priest...)

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