2006-10-16    Visit to Zhaoqing by Hong Kong St Benedict's supporters - with Fr Mok & Dominic. God bless you all!
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Previous photos

Bus to Guangzhou - because of heavy traffic (Guangzhou Trade Fair) passengers were evicted (without refund) before journey ended
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 Sign Language file has new entry from Shenzhen Immigration building

10pm at Notre Dame - thank you Slawek, Peter, Francis, Daisy & Grace
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October 17 (after am dentist in HK):  Joe in Guangzhou, receiving my old camera (ok for day use, but flash no longer works)
Many thanks HK Ken for supporting Joe's study
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When Guangzhou traffic heavy, a good way to get back to Zhaoqing is via Metro to Keng Kou (2nd last station on line 1),
then cross bridge to bus station for fast (?) bus to Zhaoqing   (...notice pollution....)
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