2007-12-17   Clinic at Marco Polo Center  run by  - team from Hope Medical Group of Macau
Dr Ellen, Dr Dean (USA), Angela (New Zealand), Jack (Macau)  and Jody (USA) - thank you again!

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Marco Polo's four flags:  China, Hong Kong, Macau, Australia  
(..."What about USA?" asked Dr Dean and Jody......maybe after GB is Kevin Rudded?)
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Thank you once more Hong Kong Oliver and Guagnzhou factory team
for another delivery of toys etc
 ....this time given to Zhaoqing Protestant/Evangelical Church for distribution to local and village children.
New traffic rule since October ....vehicles over 1.5 tonne not allowed in city center
....so yesterday's toys had to be transferred to a 1.5 from the Guangzhou 1.9!
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Market in town....notice the number of stores selling just Christmas items
....with one store having a mobile saxophone-playing Santa

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