2008-01-26   Thank you once again Lyn, Dr Ellen, Dr Dean, Dr Peter
and wonderful nursing team from Hope Medical Group of Macau
for another Marco Polo Center clinic for poor people (+ home visits + donation of medical items).
And ...many thanks indeed to Zoobiotoic Company  in Wales, UK,
 for sending maggot bandages for Lina.
Bandages arrived Hong Kong Friday afternoon,
were collected  3.15am this morning, arrived at Marco Polo  8.45am
....in time to be professionally applied by doctors and nurses of Hope Medical Group
...supported by HK Ling and Peter who are Lina's carers and consultants.
"Medical team just happened to be here at same time as bandages arrival" = Providence. DG!
Zoobiotic, unsolicited, donated bandages (worth c.Y3,00) & transported them free by courier to HK.
God bless Lina, Ling & Peter,  Zoobiotic Company and Hope Medical Group!

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